First Credit Services has been pioneering innovative and effective collection and decline management programs for the health & fitness industry since 1993. With our state of art technology and computer systems, we focus on customer service driven collections. The FCS collection program is an industry-proven method to increase cash flow, reduce receivables, increase member retention, and most importantly alleviate club operators’ time to concentrate on their members’ health and wellness.



(PHASE 1) Early Stage Collections: FCS has developed an effective strategy that most health & fitness facilities can utilize very easily through the program you already have in place. This process has already been built into your existing software, and depending on your current club management software platform, you can access our services rather easily. Phase 1 typically handles your initial member declines for approximately 60-90 days. We have developed a “proactive” contact strategy geared toward member retention and collections.

(PHASE 2) Late Stage Collections: FCS has developed an effective Phase 2 strategy to handle your delinquent member collections after the Phase 1 process is completed or after your internal collection efforts have been exhausted.

Amnesty: First Credit Services offers a Pre-Collection Amnesty Program for those interested in offering past-due members a last good-will opportunity to save their membership and stay out of collections. This program can be implemented prior to Phase 2 as a way to use collections to help your members easily fulfill their original obligation to you.

Ultimate Decline Management: This full suite of services is designed to handle all aspects of your A/R Management Process and couples Phase 1 and Phase 2 into one consistent program that you can count on to deliver industry leading results and service.